Things to Look For While Changing Jobs

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Vrushali Khadilkar

9/21/20220 min read

Aren’t you eying through different job boards after every hectic meeting with your boss? We know! We know!! The micro-management can get on your nerves, leaving you burned out. You might have outgrown your fellas and don’t have a ladder to look up to in your current organisation. So, now which path do you take? Maybe more dimes in your pocket can assure you that sorted retirement after-life. The reasons might vary but some parameters are worth keeping in mind before you head into a new fresh hell. New cubicle!

These are the things you need to look for. Scroll further to know more,

  • Leading up: Once you know what value you bring to the table you can crane your neck up and figure out which position you are aiming for in the hierarchy. Be clear! Ask yourself before chasing that job-“Is there any growth potential”?

  • Happy pockets: What is your current CTC? What do you expect from the next? Are you overdelivering in the present organization? Ask for more if you are working beyond your scope of work and bank up as you enter the new company. Happy pockets & happy you!

  • Culture: Does the company gives a shit about how your mental health is? Are they micromanaging and setting up the meetings at 9 PM very often? Well, that might break you or you might really need a break. So, while you look out for the next make sure you know how nurturing the work culture is. Listen to the company folks and skim through online forums. Prioritize your peace of mind and don’t allow them to squeeze your soul.

  • Location and commute: As the great resignation is still playing in the background, many great organizations are opting for hybrid working options. So, there you don’t need to visit the office for the whole day to complete 2 hours of work. Know which location you are interested in commuting to with that coffee in your hand. Or look for hybrid jobs!

  • Activities: Is the new company into hosting activities? Team-building exercises, tournaments and events can help you to create great connections with your potential colleagues. That’s where you’ll get to show off your talents as well. Seriously, you deserve to have some merry moments with your to-be boss.

  • Hidden benefits: Will you be getting paternity/maternity leaves? If not, how many leaves can you take? Get clear on the same before you step into your new role. Consider the benefits while you compare your salary.

  • Value: If you take up this role at the new company what will be your market value in the next 3 years? Contemplate briefly on the same and understand what rewards you’ll be reaping for your future self. Along the way, you may also consider switching departments resulting in increasing your calibre.

    Of course, use some common sense before signing that offer letter. Understand that it is okay to form some emotional attachment with your colleagues at your current office but change is constant. Right? May your next job bring you bliss, Amen!

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