Vrushali Khadilkar

1/4/20230 min read

To follow your own motion setting up the right notion template will keep that momentum going. Being productive is all about setting up the right rhythm and following through like a class athlete. I know we sometimes chime in the bell by saying - “I am more of a go-with-a-flow- kinda person” and that is all okay and fine too. But once one is over that laid-back phase, then being a planner is just the beginning to lead a well-organized life. How can you use the notion app available on your phone/desktop? Let’s dive in! 

First things first, download the app and play around. Don’t fret! It is very easy.

Planning - If you like doing 90-day sprints and setting up personal and professional goals then Notion works very well. It feels clutter free and pleasant. You can access the same via any device. The toggle bar and setting up an inline database will help you set you up any ideas or passion projects you are willing to undertake in the months ahead. Everything is on screen and you can keep tabs on the improvement as well. Here, you can set up different callouts as well and collaborate with your peers simultaneously.

Moodboard - In notion, you can switch to many layers of visual experience as well. My favourite is the gallery experience and how easily I can add embedded links to it. You can even add a PDF rolls-ups bar and videos and all that jazz.

Landing Page - Even if you don’t want to build a website or set up an account that allows you to have a website; over notion, you can build a website-like experience and share the link over socials. The aesthetic is really pleasant and non-chaotic.

Track everything: You can use the space as a journal or create a page to add your everyday wins. Adding widgets helps as well. You can create your personal page tracking the books you read, songs you’ve been listening to and gratitude lists as well. It helps in everything!

Drop me a text if you need any help navigating Notion.

Sharing below a link for you to explore more of the same -

planning the year ahead tips

Check it out!