Outfits That Defined Amy Winehouse's Style

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Vrushali Khadilkar

9/12/20231 min read

5 Outfits That Defined Amy Winehouse's Style

Doesn't matter if you are a millennial or Gen Z, there are many who just can't skip this cultural icon who changed the music industry and found her unique statement of style throughout her living years.

It is likely that GenZ might not know of her at all but Amy Winehouse was ahead of the decade she was born into. Her style was vintage, and subtle and had a reflection of punk culture as well.

Amy Winehouse was an icon and with her sad demise in 2011 she became part of the 27 Club.

Today on her 40th Birth Anniversary we explore her edgy and bold style which to date is her own,

Vibrant Madame


Amy Winehouse looks bright and gorgeous in this look she wore at the 2007 BRIT Awards. Her core style template has always been mini-bustier dresses and edgy patterns. Her Moschino heart purse levels up her style game. It was iconic!

Quirky Charm


Some glitz and glamour oozed with this sequin piece that she donned for Glastonbury in 2008. Her iconic beehive updo and quirky hair accessories bring in the element of playfulness.



This Gingham mini-dress looks great with that intricate lace design on the bustier. The black belt balances the outfit and it looks classy. She wore this outfit at Lollapalooza in 2007.

Grey Style


This flowy pleated mini-dress has its own charm. The ballerinas she wore made this look more comfy and stylish. Her style was definitely inspired by the 60s and so on and we can see chunks of it all.

Back to Black


We just can't wrap this style trip without mentioning Amy in the black outfit. In this outfit, the neck pattern is precise and edgy. This simple yet sensual outfit is brought perfectly together by that pink-hued belt.

( Pictures - Amy Winehouse's Instagram )