Top 8 Websites to use when you are bored

Enjoy beyond just doom-scrolling!

Vrushali Khadilkar

8/28/20222 min read

Bored of being productive? Waiting in a long queue somewhere? You don’t have any clue what to do next? Or is it that you have just taken Ankur Warikoo’s Time management class and now you are willing to kill your time more profoundly? Time flies and night changes everything! Being bored and languishing is just a human nature. Either you don’t have an happening life or you just want to feel the boredom intentionally. Maybe you just keep on humming “bored in the house, I am just bored in the house” and you are feeling hyped by the boredom. But in these scenarios internet has amazing websites where you can have a laughter fest and maybe get out of your boredom-land ASAP. Scroll through the list and find your next escape from boredom, : This OG website won’t pull you into the rabbit hole of serious problems world is facing. You will get an instant sense of relief and will applause the witty articles. You might have seen the sarcastic posts from the Scoopwhoop powerhouse on Instagram. Include their official website to read through their posts and giggle. See the new posts over there! Know how teenagers in Texas wants to learn how to kiss on the first date and glance through the infographic keenly. There are amazing jawdropping questions too. Nudge your curious muscles which are left untouched since a while. Anyone who loves to gossip this website is made for you only. Read gossip columns and other informational articles and participate in the comments section. Fresh buttery bollywood articles are found here. Satire filled! Whatever you’ll see on a trending page isn’t supposed to trigger the violence always, right? Welcome the satire and live a peaceful life. Maybe later you’ll learn to mock your boring habitat. Oops! We know you last scrolled through this estate while you completed your last semester project at school. But, know what happened this day that year and other mind-blowing facts. Fill in your birth details and investigate your birth chart. Know the planets which are screwing up your life and see what you can do about that. Thank the heavenly bodies floating in the sky. You can later blame your boredom on planet Saturn. Want to look good even if you are bored? Need a skincare revamp in the boredom-land? Visit this website and get all the ducks in a row for god’s sake.

Also, the above websites have their social media presence to suck you into. Hence, you have that fodder to kill away the boredom for another 24 hours. Enjoy!