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Vrushali Khadilkar

1/12/20232 min read

As we see new content categories forming and enticing us we devour them. As humans, we love to get entertained by various forms of art just to pull us out of the reality we are stuck in. As new OTT platforms roll in and as we get into new immersive territory all we eagerly want to see is OURSELVES on the SCREEN. No, we don’t want to be famous and all but we want ourselves to feel validated. Our emotions and thoughts are stamped with validation. As stand-up comedies are consumed as specials over OTTs and other independent platforms here is something new to cheer at - “Stand-up poetry special”


We love pioneers. To do something that no one has done before. On this scale! CEO of socialawakening.org and artist Max Stossel has weaved through 9 stories in this super stunning special that is called “Words that Move - See through a different I”

Independent artists in this new era will be adapting to D2C, either with their own platform or with an industry leader in that sector. What is D2C? D2C alone stands for direct-to-consumer marketing, and this strategy implies that a company promotes and sells goods and/or services right to its customers. It allows for getting back control over the manufacturer’s marketing efforts and sales strategies. When it comes to future trends in the media and entertainment industry, we will see a big boom!

Internet is a Star

New consumer research from Leichtman Research Group, Inc. (LRG) found that 90% of U.S. households get an Internet service at home, compared to 84% in 2017, and 74% in 2007. Broadband accounts for 99% of households with an Internet service at home, and 89% of all households get a broadband Internet service – an increase from 82% in 2017, and 53% in 2007.This study also found that 90% of households use a laptop or desktop computer, an increase from 85% in 2017. Of those that use a laptop or desktop computer at home, 96% have an Internet service at home. Those that do not use a laptop or desktop computer at home account for 58% of all that do not get an Internet service at home.ref.-https://www.leichtmanresearch.com/90-of-u-s-households-get-an-internet-service-at-home/

How can April Autumn Services assist players in this industry?

Those who are creatively aligned and risk-takers. In 2023, we shall see a huge shift. Our eyes shift towards an original, independent and creative art form. And I will help you in the crystalization of the format you can establish yourself into. I intend to basically be of assistance by helping with strategy, content and marketing. Want to have a key player alongside you? Trust my service! ( Open to collaborations if need be )

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