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Vrushali Khadilkar

9/16/20232 min read

Hello, besties I am here with some pocketful of ideas and news conversations.

The 4th largest rail network in the world witnessed the biggest tragedy. If you haven’t heard of Odisha Rail Tragedy read it here . Our heartfelt condolences to the families of the individuals who’ve lost their lives.

Indian Railways are the lifeline of the Indian economy.,,,I swear! Within the next 6 -7 years the railway passenger traffic is projected to reach 12 Bn per year. No doubt why the Indian market happens to offer a diverse range of economical units driving from this location to that.

Watchlist Picks -

Railway Sector Stocks -


Titagarh Wagons

Opinion - Look, this is a sector where you will see revolutionary growth in the decade ahead so stop itching your head and invest or at least add it to your watchlist wagon.हातपकड़ना-kajol-devgan-simran-shah-rukh-khan-raj-gif-18905545

Slam dunk & a global toast of AB InBev Beer

Say cheers! Someone on the brand and marketing team has been shooting straight-up three pointers oh-gawd! NBA’s First-ever Global Beer Partner.

The stock kicked up by 0.47% as of June 6th.

It is said that it can grow its earnings and revenue by 8%

Word of the Day -

Unclaimed Deposits -

Assume that you haven’t withdrawn your hard-earned cash deposits for over a decade because you were pre-grieving some imaginary stuff or were having some existential crises. That is unclaimed deposits.

Basically, it is the money that remains inactive for at least 10 years.

If you are alive keep bank accounts alive by withdrawing and depositing some dimes.

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Microsoft will be paying $20m for child privacy violations.

Handle your Xbox account well gamers. Keep the GenZ safe!

As of June 6th MSFT is down by 0.67%

Also, we are seeing a lot of changes in leadership roles across board at Microsoft.

In other news, hold your jaw before it drops -

The Securities and Exchange Commission sued the world’s largest crypto exchange. Who is it? Who is it? Binance!

Because cryptocurrencies are getting a bit of a tummy tickle and that’s definitely irritating.

Thanks for joining me today with your droopy little jelly-wobbly eyes.

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