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New brand on the block co-founded by Deepika Padukone & Jigar Shah


Vrushali Khadilkar

1/3/20230 min read

Black: 82°e

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Deepika Padukone’s skincare brand was introduced to all of us a month ago. Many folks appreciated it and criticised it. After listening to their interview given to CNBC many things became clear to me.

I am an oily-skin lady and keeping my skincare routine to a minimum suits me very well. In fact, I got into skincare very much when I started earning. The skincare budget is not a question or a consideration in many households. So, an Indian teenager or college goer might not invest in any product or even sunscreen.

So, coming from this background, I will dissect and understand more about this brand along the way.

First things first, they are coming for everyone who is above 25 years of age. Do you see? As a 25-year-old myself, am I falling for the product? No!

This brand is co-founded by Jigar Shah. Deepika looks after everything that is creative and Jigar looks into everything that requires technical skill and numbers game, think EBITDA!

The brief given was - To blend Indian skin care with the modern science and take it global.


Pointers - Vegan, cruelty-free, clinically tested, and clean.

Colour code: #e4d9d5


Where was the story? Their target demographic is from 25-35. What does this mean? Each woman in this psychographic and demographic has been through a lot of experimentation. This is a segment who have used Vicco turmeric, Himalayan face wash and Nivea the most and I am pretty sure this generation has recently revamped their skincare game and has adopted sunscreen. This generation remembers the “Fair & Lovely” era! They mostly shopped offline and there was not much information available either. Okay!

As Deepika is in her thirties and a global icon I am sure everyone wanted to know her skin story. Her self-care story! Maybe a connection she might have used for some leverage. There was no connection!

She might have scripted a video covering up this stuff-

1) Did any breakout or skin issue harm my self-esteem?

2) Fairness tactics I have undergone?

3) Modelling days skincare hacks I did back in the day?

4) What mistakes have I made in my skincare routine?

5) Why did I start focusing on skincare while I had a mental illness? (she mentioned in an interview that self-care became important during that phase for her)

6) A message for the ladies!

Ladies like some tea, y’know!

But what we saw!? A direct launch of the two products. And then somewhere in the late evening, we saw her office showcase consisting of young team management waving in the background. ( She did launch the product online/offline simultaneously when it came down to her third baby (product launch) )

If their target demographic is said to be between 25 to 30 why the influencers below that age group were called at meta? Anyhoo!!!

Knowing the product? What does it do? A moisturizer hydrates/moisturizes is the typical answer when asked what this little 2700 INR guy does.

Would she have elaborated more? Yes! Indeed!! (Watch her insta launch day live)

Launches: Ashwagandha bounce: I like how the pictures are well-clicked and the texture is shown. Her reels on using Ashwagandha bounce and other products are great too. If possible, I can use this baby maybe next winter season.

Patchouli Glow SPF 40 PA+++: The packaging is very well-done. As many have exclaimed already on the internet “It is oil!” In an interview, while discussing the drop strategy, Jigar Shah said, we dropped this patchouli glow SPF this season because it is winter season. Deepika said - “We wanted to take the risk” So, in short, they know what they did! The R&D department says that oily-skin folks can use the same but can use a few drops instead of many. As an oily-skin lady myself - “Gel-based products” are what I personally go for - something that says - “Oil-free” is music to my ears.

Bakuchiol Slip: It is for 2900 INR. Very recent launch! It is an illuminating face oil. Nice! (I hope she launches something targeted to oily-skin folks)

Filter launch: AR filters on any social media app take the engagement quota up and above. They launched a filter “Feels at Home” - flashes different choices and a daylight-coming-through-blinds effect. Did you use it?

They have their own labs located in Bangalore. They can ship internationally. The logistics and manufacturing are sorted. Good work!

Price: They say if they consider the luxurious skin-care brand category they are way cheaper. In the future, it will grow as a wellness brand for sure. Hopefully, it will take its time and feedback from its users. The strata that prefer luxurious products or “something more” would go for it.

Even if she launches a sunscreen which is not an oil and drops it in the same price range I doubt if I’ll grab the same. Thanks for reading!

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